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British Science Week
This will run in school from 12th - 16th March 2018
Watch this space for more details about the exciting and fun activities the children will be taking part in, as well as opportunities for parents to get involved too!

Investigating 'blubber'

Year 1 have enjoyed taking part in an exciting Science investigation to find out how Arctic animals keep warm?  They predicted that it was the 'blubber' that helped to keep them warm in freezing conditions and they tested this by wrapping a layer of blubber around one hand before putting both into a bucket of ice water.  Take a look at some of the pictures below, the children's facial expressions say it all!

Fab Lab

Some of our year 5 children got the opportunity to visit the Fab Lab Studios at Sunderland University in the Autumn Term.

They had a fantastic time finding out about 3d printing and also got the chance to design their own 3d key ring using special software and equipment.  We look forward to collecting our prints in a few weeks time.

At George Washington Primary School Science is implemented in line with new National Curriculum requirements.  As a highly valued subject that encourages and develops so many important skills, we believe that it is important that Science should be taught in a fun and enjoyable way to all year groups. 

Science provides so many different opportunities for children to develop important life skills such as speaking and listening skills; observational, predicting, questioning and evaluating skills and develops a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world around us.

An emphasis is placed on ‘working scientifically’ through inspirational and engaging practical activities. We strive to develop a love of science where questioning and an exploratory attitude is at the heart of learning from our youngest children developing their knowledge and understanding of the world in Early Years right through to our eldest children in Year 6 planning their own scientific enquiries and fair tests.

Children will engage with a variety of programmes of study across each year group which range from investigating plants, animals and materials at Key Stage 1 before progressing on to light, sound, electricity and states of matter in Key Stage 2.  Each programme covered will also in turn support children to develop their scientific vocabulary and questioning skills appropriate to their particular age range.