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George Washington Primary School  Sports Funding Review 2016-2017


We were allocated  funds of £9,460 from the government during 2016-2017 to improve the provision of Physical Education (PE) and sport in primary schools.  This funding is ring fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision in PE and sport in schools. George Washington Primary School will be held to account over how they spend their additional, ring fenced funding. 


Use and aim of Sports Funding

Our aim was to use the sports funding to provide CPD for teachers through working with specialist coaches, to continue and improve our participation in sporting events with other schools in the Oxclose cluster and Sunderland Schools Partnership, to improve the range of sporting opportunities offered, to improve swimming attainment by the end of KS2 and to sustain opportunities for physical activities during lunchtimes and play times.

  • We used the funding in lots of ways to improve our school sport. We:worked with Oxclose Academy and through this many of children took part in cluster school competitions.  
  • Used sports coaches and teachers from Oxclose Academy to improve lessons for children and also to train our teachers
  • Maintained our increased our swimming provision in school so that year 4 children and year 5 children now have weekly swimming lessons
  • Bought new resources, including HI Viz bibs for the year 5 and 6 Young Sports Leaders and playtime boxes of sports equipment
  • Improved our range of sports related after schools clubs
  • Worked with Washington Wildcats football coaches to raise awareness and uptake of girls football in school
  • Continued to improve the Young Leader Sports club where children have been trained to lead and play games with children in other year groups.
  • CPD and leadership training for PE subject leader


The impact of our sports funding:

To increase staff subject knowledge

Throughout the year, we had many expert coaches lead sessions in George Washington Primary School. By supporting and working with the coaches, we were able to up skill many of our staff.



Our newly qualified teachers worked with Mr Hepplewhite at Oxclose Academy

Teachers in year 3 and 4 worked with a specialist tennis coach over a period of 3 weeks

Reception and Y1 teachers worked with Mr Football to help develop early years basic skills


To continue to participate in cluster festivals

As a result of the hard work and dedication,from both the staff and children, we were able to be very successful at sport in 2016-2017 This year, we won the Quicksticks, Tag Rugby and Quadkids competitions



Achieved Sainsburys School Games Silver Award 


To increase range and participation of sports activities at playtime and lunchtime

This year we had another group of children, who were interested in becoming a young sports leader.  They attended a 6 week after school club, with Mr Hepplewhite, where they planned games and activities, with and without equipment, that they would be able to deliver to other children in the school, most of them being lower down in the school. 

Since the young leaders qualified, they have worked with the Y1 children on a Thursday lunchtime.  There have been positive comments from the teachers, children and lunchtime staff about the impact of young leaders on a lunchtime.


To improve attainment of KS2 25m swimming target

By the end of the year, the percentage of children achieving 25m was 62% and 78%. 


To improve the range of afterschools clubs

As well as football and netball, we also offered athletics, ball game club, morning running club and a cricket club. 

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GWPS Sports Funding Plan.pdfDownload
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