Meet the School Council

The School Council is a body of pupils from Years One to Six, who are elected by their peers at the start of the academic year to represent the views and ideas of their class. Each class representative meets regularly with Miss Owens to discuss relevant issues with regards to their learning and school life as well as suggest ideas and events to help develop the school and our wider community.


Our School Council Representatives (2019-2020)

Year Six Councillors: Jack Swinburne(6CW),  Darcie Ball (6AD) 

Year Five Councillors: Holly Fowler (5AL) and Matthew Brock (5RK)

Year Four Councillors: Emme Robson(4JP) and Layla Horn (4GR)

Year Three Councillors: Layla Murphy (3KH) and Isabelle Marsden (3DS)

Year Two Councillors: Alice Gaines (2BG) and Kerra Pannu (2MA)

Year One Councillors: Zak Malloy (1EC) and Lilly Thurston (1KM)