Sports Leaders


The Sunderland Sports Leader is a leadership training programme for young people between the age of 9 and 13. It supports them working with younger children by teaching leadership skills through a range of games and activities.


The benefits of Sports Leaders are:

  • encourages young people to take responsibility and develop leadership skills
  • develops skills such as organisation, communication, confidence and self esteem alongside planning and self review
  • encourages co-operation and helps develop moral and social skills

We have successfully ran the Sports Leader program at GWPS for the last three years.  In the past, they have delivered their own assembly, interviewed children as potentail Sports Leaders for futre years, created their own games and have also been responsbile for the play ground equipemnt at playtimes and lunchtimes.  Having the sports leaders has helped improve the quality of play and sportsmanship at our school. 


Sports Leaders 2019-2020

Look for us out on the yard during play times and lunchtimes!