School Uniform

Please ensure that all items of your child's school uniform are clearly labelled with their full name. 

This includes shoes, PE kit, plimsolls and coats.

All children are expected to wear the George Washington Primary School uniform.


This consists of the following items:


  • grey or black skirt or trousers
  • gold or maroon polo shirt
  • maroon sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with the school logo
  • black shoes - slip-on or velcro fastenings are preferable
  • yellow summer dress - optional in warmer weather


The following items are also available to buy, however these are not essential.

  • school coat (maroon with logo)
  • fleece jacket (maroon with logo)
  • knitted hat (with logo)


All children will be provided with a George Washington Primary School book bag when they start school.

This will be free of charge.

PE Kit

  • navy or black shorts
  • plain white t-shirt
  • black plimsolls



On PE days, please send your child's PE kit to school in a bag and make sure it and all items inside are labelled with your child's name.


Earrings must be removed at home on PE days.

All school uniform items can be purchased from Little Gems (Washington Galleries) or on their website which you can access through the link below.


Little Gems


Alternatively, unbranded items of uniform in the school colours may be purchased from supermarkets.