Phase 1

Each day, choose a few nursery rhymes to sing at the start of your phonics session. There are some below but you can find lots more on the BBC Schools Radio website

Week 1 - Lesson 1


Listen to the sounds in the video clip below. Once you hear each sound, pause the video and tell a grown up what you think the sound is. Press play to find out if you were right. 

Week 1 - Lesson 2


Find some objects from around your house that make a noise. Take it in turns with someone to guess the sounds they are making using the objects. The person who is guessing will have to cover their eyes or face the opposite way to make sure they can't see any of the objects.

Week 1 - Lesson 3


Take it in turns with a grown-up to create and copy clapping patterns. Start with simple patterns with only a few claps, then make it more difficult as you get better at listening and repeating. 

Challenge: Add different actions such as clicking fingers or patting knees to make the pattern more complex.

Week 1 - Lesson 4


Go on a sound hunt around your house and find some things that start with 's'. 

Week 1 - Lesson 5


Play the Super Smoothie game, finding the objects that start with the same initial sound.