Phase 2


Start every session by practising the phase 2 flashcards and tricky words.

Phase 2 Flashcards

Phase 2 Tricky Words

Week 1 - Lesson 1

Activity - Silly Soup

Collect some items starting with 's' from around your house to make your own silly soup. Each time you add an item to your bowl, sing the song and mix the ingredients together.


"We're Going to make some silly soup, we're making soup that's silly.

We're going to put it in the fridge, to make it nice and chilly."

Week 1 - Lesson 2

Activity - Poster

Write the letter 'a' in the middle of a piece of paper and draw some things that start with 'a' around it. Use the pictures below to help you if you need to.

Words: ant, astronaut, alligator, arrow, add, angry, apple, axe, anchor, ambulance, animals, antlers

Week 1 - Lesson 3

Activity - Word Tennis

Look at the pictures below and identify the ones that start with 't'. 

Now play word tennis. Take it in turns with a partner to say a word that starts with 't'. You can use the pictures from above if you need to. Keep playing until one of the players can't think of any more words. The person who says the last word is the winner!

Week 1 - Lesson 4

Activity - Matching Initial Sounds to Pictures

 Print or draw the pictures below onto a piece of paper then write the initial sound next to each one. Try hard to form each letter correctly, like we have practised this week.

Week 1 - Lesson 5

Activity - Grapheme Recognition

Recap the sounds you have learned this week by watching the BBC Phonics animation.

Test your recognition of the sounds we have learned this week in the Grab a Giggling Grapheme game. Select the s a t p graphemes.