Phase 4

Recap all sounds needed for Phase 4

Recap the Phase 4 Tricky Words


Lesson 1 - Please watch the lesson below.

Practise and apply follow up activity:

 Look at each of the pictures and say out loud what you can see.


Start by sounding out each of the words out loud - what sounds can you hear?


In each phoneme frame, some of the sounds are missing and your task is to write each of the words out in your workbook, adding the missing sounds.


As you are writing, say each of the sounds and once you have finished, blend them together and say each word.


Lesson 2 - Recap yesterday's lesson (above), where we sound out and blend CVC words and begin to look at CVCC words. Then watch the video below where we look at some of our tricky words in a sentence.

Practise and apply follow up activity:

After you have listened to the 'Tricky Words' video, watch it again with the sound off. You should say each of the tricky words and then pause on each sentence, reading it out loud.

We would like you to have a go at our 'Read and Roll' activity below. For this game, you will need to play with someone in your home.

To start, you have to roll a dice or pick a number at random between 1 and 6. Taking this number, you should then pick a word from that column. You must sound out the word and blend it together. If you get the word correct, you win that column. You then take it in turns and see who wins the most columns.

Play this game three times and see who wins the most!

Challenge: Choose two words and write each of them in a sentence, in your workbook.

E.g. The wind was strong and fast.

I lost my toy doll and I was sad.