At the end of each year, we normally have our open afternoon where you can look at your child's work and talk to their teacher. We also ask for your feedback about your child's year at George Washington. We still want to hear your comments so we would appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes writing your comments in the survey below.

End of Year Survey

Here we are, the last week of this school year. We can't quite believe what a strange year we've had, but it certainly won't be one to forget! We are so proud of all you have achieved in your first year at school.

Have a great week and a lovely summer holiday.

Mrs Pearce, Miss Owens, Miss Maher and Mrs McMann xxxx

Take a look back at some of the things we did in reception this year.

Home Learning Activities

See below for more information and resources for each activity.

Daily Activities

Try to do these activities each day:

  • Write your full name
  • Practise the correct formation of our letter of the week
  • Read a book
  • Practise your sounds and tricky words
  • Count to 20 and back to 0
  • Do some exercise
  • Get some fresh air

Be Active

Here are a few exercise videos we think you will enjoy.


If everything is getting a bit busy, frantic or stressful, we enjoy spending time listening to mindfulness stories in reception. Here is one we think you might enjoy.

Pirate Day

Ahoy me hearties! On Thursday, we will be having our Pirate Day. Put on your pirate outfit and enjoy some of the fun activities we have planned. 

Make a Pirate Hat 

All pirates need a hat. You can use the instructions below to help you make your own.

Make Your Own Treasure Chest

Pirates enjoy collecting treasure. Can you make a treasure chest using an egg carton?

Take a look at the picture below to give you an idea of what it could like.

Walk the Plank

Pirates often used to make people walk the plank. Can you set up a simple sea scene on your floor? You could use a blue fabric for the sea and make some cardboard sharks. Then place a piece of wood, cardboard or strip of paper across your sea scene. Take it in turns with family members to walk the plank. Beware of the sharks!



Can you make some flashcards to go along your plank? You could count in 2s, ,5s or 10s. Place your number flashcards in the correct order along the plank.

As you walk along the plank, can you say the numbers in the correct order?

Make Pirate Food 

Pirates used to eat some pretty horrible foods. Watch the video below and see if you can find out about some of the things they would eat on their long voyages. 

It wouldn't be a Pirate Day without making pirate food. Follow the recipe below to make your own hardtack biscuits. 

We would love you to tell us what you think of them!

Talk Like a Pirate

Pirates had some special words and phrases that they used when they talked to each other. Take a look at some of them below. See if you can say them in a pirate voice.

Pirate Songs

Pirates loved to sing. Sailing a ship was very hard work so singing helped to cheer them up and kept them entertained. 

Here are some songs about pirates that you might like.


This week we are using the sounds we have learned over last few weeks to read and write words and sentences.

Follow the same pattern for your phonics session each day:

  • Recap the sounds you already know using the sound mats or the flashcard videos at the bottom of the page.
  • Practise writing the letter of the week
  • Practise reading your tricky words
  • Complete one of the activities below

Letter of the Week

This week we would like you to watch and listen to the alphabet song below. Practice the correct formation of all of your letters. Practice saying the letter name and sound. 

Activity One - Bouncy Blending


Lay out three (or more if you are blending longer words) hoops. Place a sound next to each hoop. Can you sound out the sound whilst you’re jumping in each hoop? When you have finished jumping in each hoop, can you blend the word?

Activity Two - Play Pirate Phonic Game 

Click on the link below to play the pirate phonic game. Select the 'cvc' option and one other sound. Can you read the words and decide if it is a real word or nonsense word?


Activity Three - Spot the Tricky Words in the story

Can you read the story below. Can you spot any of your tricky words? 

Activity Four - Make a Digraph Spider



Can you choose a digraph from your phase three sound mat and make your very own digraph spider? A spider has eight legs. We would like you to write eight words including your chosen sound. Take a look at our example below.  



Advice about writing for parents/carers:

  • Children can use their sound mats to help them when they are writing.
  • Encourage children to look at the picture and say the sentence they want to write out loud.
  • Say one word at a time and encourage them to sound it out, copy from the word mat or write from memory if it is a word from their tricky word pot.
  • Encourage children to use their finger to make a space between each word. If your child is left handed, this may be tricky. You can use a spare pen or pencil, lolly pop stick or even cut out a finger shape from a piece of paper to use instead.
  • Children may use the wrong sound to spell some words as they may include sounds they have not been taught yet e.g. 'ait' instead of 'ate'. This is ok. You could show children the correct way to spell the word if you like.
  • Some children will not be ready to write sentences yet. You could take turns to write the words or children could write the first sound in the word and you could write the rest if they are finding it difficult.



Listen to The Night Pirates by Peter Harris using the link below.  

Now we would like you to imagine you are a pirate and have been ship wrecked on a desert island. How will you call for help? Can you write a message of help and send it in a bottle?

Remember to say who you are, where you are and what the problem is.

Once you have finished, can you find an empty plastic bottle you can put it in? 


Last week you should have received a letter from your new teacher. In the letter Mrs Martin and Miss Forster told you about the things they like. They have asked if you could tell them some facts all about you. We think your new teachers would be very impressed with your writing so thought you could write the facts down on our ‘All About Me’ sheet to send to the Y1 email address (

Take a look at Mrs Martin's and Miss Forster's favourite things below.


We have had a brilliant year in reception and we are so proud of all of your achievements. We would love to hear about your memory from your first year at GWPS. Please send your writing to our email address ( so we can see what you enjoyed best.


Over the last few weeks, a lot of you have told us over the phone how much you’re missing your friends. It won’t be long until you can all be together and play again! 

Until then, we thought you could write a little message to your friends on a post card. We could send these post cards to your friends through email. You could use the template below or create your own.



We would like you to use tin foil to make numbers 1-20. Can you put the numbers in the correct order? Remember to check that your numbers are facing the right way. You could use the number line above to help you.


We have done lots of adding in reception. Can you make and solve your own cupcake sums? You will need paper cases, objects (buttons, coins, stones or pom poms) and a pen to complete this activity. Take a look at our example below.


 Click on the link below to play on the Coin Counting game. Penny the piggy bank has different amounts of coins inside - can you count the amount? 


We have loved using Numberblocks in maths this year. We know all of the Numberblocks up to 20. 

Today we would like you to choose and create your favourite Numberblock. Take a look at the pictures below to give you an idea of what it could look like.



Take a look at the information below to find out some facts about pirates.

What are pirates?

What did they wear?

Who was allowed to be a pirate?


Let's get crafty! Can you make your own pirate? You could use a cardboard tube like the examples below.

Once you have made your pirate we would like you to use your imagination to think of a pirate name for your tube pirate. You could use the picture below or create your own. 


Pirates love coins. For this activity you will need to freeze some coins in pots of water.

Once the water has frozen, talk about:

  • How will we get the coins out?
  • How can we melt the ice?
  • Which way do you think will make the ice melt the quickest?


This afternoon, you’re in for a treat! We are so proud of how hard you have worked throughout the year, especially with your home learning. It’s time to put your feet up and enjoy watching Peter Pan.

You could make some delicious snacks to enjoy your film. Our favourite film snack is popcorn and hot chocolate! 

Useful Videos

See below for useful videos to support your child's learning at home.

Tricky Word Song: Phase 2

Phase Two Sound Flashcards

Pronunciation of Sounds

Tricky Word Song: Phase 3

Phase 3 Sound Flashcards

Phonics Top Tips

Alphabet Song

How to Blend Sounds