Q4: How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child’s learning in school?

If your child is identified as not making progress, the Class Teacher will initially discuss any concenrs with you and set up a meeting to discuss this with you in more detail and to:

  • Listen to any concerns you may have.
  • Plan any additional support your child may need.
  • Discuss with you any referrals to outside professionals to support your child’s learning

If your child has identified SEND, there will be regular reviews of the support plan with the teacher as part of the plan, do, review process. The SENDco can be present if requested.

Complex needs children will have reviews with the class teacher. SENDco and other professionals on a regular basis to plan, do and review individual children's Needs.


Children who have an EHCP will be reviewed regularly in school and have a formal annual review with the SENDco and other professionals sometimes with a \SEN support officer from Together for Children.