Q13: What Emotional and Social Development support do we have for a child with a SEND?

  • We recognise that pupils with SEND may well have Emotional and Social Development needs, that will require support in school.
  • The Emotional Health and Well-being of all our pupils is very important to us.
  • We currently have a school counsellor who works with individual children and small groups as identified by school staff.
  • We have a robust Safeguarding Policy in place, we follow National & LA Guidelines.
  • We have robust Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policies.
  • The Head teacher, and all staff continually monitor the Emotional Health and Well-being of all our pupils. George Washington is involved in a national pilot project to promote positive mental health in schools.
  • We have a Forest School Rangers who support and teach younger children skills in this area.
  • We have trained reading buddies and playground buddies support their peers during lunchtimes and playtimes.