Year One

Welcome to Year One


Our Year One Team: Miss Forster, Mr McLaughlin, Miss Masters and Miss Pinkerton


  • Please click below the year 1 timetable for the Autumn term.

Autumn Timetable 2021

Key Information

  • Children should come to school dressed in their PE kits every Monday (Please remove earrings at home on P.E. days).
  • 1ZF and 1LM do Forest School on alternate Fridays.  Please send your children into school dressed in suitable clothing on their Forest School day with a bag of spare clothes and wellies. Please remove all earrings.
  • It is essential that children wear long sleeves and trousers for Forest School sessions.  No shorts and T-Shirts are allowed.
  • Reading books will be given out in the coming weeks. Please ensure your child brings their book bag containing their reading book and tricky word pot to school every day.  We will use these for important reading and word practise.
  • In the warmer Summer months please apply sun cream to your child before they come into school each day.  They may bring a sun hat or cap with them.

Summer 1: April-May

Little Dribblers - 26.04.22-06.05.22

Year 1 loved their first two weeks of Little Dribblers with SAFC. They have been working on developing balance and control whilst using a football and moving in different ways.

Spring 2: March - April

Easter Crafts - 4.4.22-8.4.22

Year 1 had a fantastic time decorating eggs for the competition. We loved using lots of resources to create our designs.

More Little Movers - 28.3.22-1.4.22

This term we loved learning new routines, competed against each other in teams and used different movements to achieve our goals.

Computing - 21.3.22-25.3.22

Year 1enjoyed working on laptops. We focused on how to turn it on and off, entering usernames and passwords, and we had a go at using Word, by typing some of our writing up. 

Red Nose Day - 18.3.22

For Red Nose Day the children completed races using red pompoms like noses, and our challenge was to score as many points as possible by throwing red pompoms into point plates/tubs. We worked as a class to add the points together.

Little Movers - 7.3.22-11.3.22

This week, year 1 had their first 'Little Movers' session. They had lots of fun learning routines and playing with the parachute.

Spring 1: January - February

An Unusual Visitor - 14.2.22-18.2.22

This week, year 1 spotted some footprints and a nest in their classroom. They looked for clues to work out who had been.

The Great Race - 31.1.22-4.2.22

Year 1 did drama in the outdoor provision to retell the story 'The Great Race' for the week of Chinese New Year. 

Super Shapes - 24.1.22-28.1.22

Year 1 have had a super week learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We investigated into their properties and differences, carried out shape hunts around the classroom and much more. 

An introduction to curling - 10.1.22-14.1.22

Year 1 were lucky to have the opportunity to try a new sport. A coach came into school to teach us the basics about curling, and we were able to have a go. 

Autumn 2: November - December

Christmas Performance Week - 6.12.21-10.12.21

Year 1 have worked very hard this week and performed our play 'The Little Blue Star.' In class, we have been making our Christmas cards, calendars, and our provision activities have been Christmas themed.

When we came into school on Monday, we noticed the Christmas tree had lots of the decorations missing. Next to the tree, we found our Kindness Elves sleeping among the decorations. Over the weekend, the Kindness Elves had been making a postcard to send to Santa Claus, so this week in the writing area we have been writing letters and Christmas lists to send with the postcard.

On Friday, we were lucky enough to be visited by Santa Claus and he kindly left us a present each, under the Christmas tree.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... - 29.11.21-3.12.21

Our Christmas preparations began in year 1 this week. We started by creating decorations for the tree using; wooden blocks, paint and fingerprints, to create a snowman winter scene. On the 1st of December our kindness elf arrived and we were very excited to meet him. 

Marvellous Map Work - 22.11.21-26.11.21

This week, year 1 have been using maps to explore the countries of the UK.  We looked carefully for the capital cities and identified well-known landmarks.

Anti-Bullying Week - 15.11.21-19.11.21

For Anti-Bullying Week, we started with an odd socks day. In our provision, we made friendship braclets and wrote about what makes a good friend. To finish the week, we used playdoh and glitter in a experiment to demonstrate how unkind words ‘stick’ and are hard to shake off.

Walk Wise - 8.11.21-12.11.21

Over the last 3 weeks, year 1 have taken part in 'Walk Wise.' We have been learning how to keep safe, both beside the road and crossing it.



Throwing and Catching  - 1.11.21-5.11.21

This week, we commenced with our new PE topic, 'Throwing and Catching.' We began by exploring using ways a ball can be passed, in readiness for learning how to prepare and receive. We are looking forward to developing these skills over the term, using a variety of resources including footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, beanbags and more.

Autumn 1: September - October

What are we learning about this term?

 Please click each picture to enlarge.

Making Maps of the School Grounds -18.10.21-22.10.21

We explored our surrounding areas by walking inside the perimeter of the fence, and we drew pictures to show what we could see. It was important to think about which grid of our map each feature needed to be in, and we had to take our time to make our pictures clear. We included:

-Forest School



-MUGA/Tennis Courts

-Car park

Using Our Senses - 11.10.21-15.10.21

We explored different everyday materials and began to describe the properties of them. We looked at rock, sand, plastic, foil and fabric, and we had to think about how they felt, what sound they made and what they looked like.

Marvellous Map Work - 4.10.21-8.10.21

In our topic, we have been learning about local castles. This week, we used a giant map and explained the location using co-ordinates. We looked for:

-Alnwick Castle

-Bamburgh Castle

-Hylton Castle

-Warkworth Castle

Creating Clay Eyes - 28.9.21-1.10.21

As we continue through our 'Dungeons and Dragons' topic, we have used clay to sculpt dragon eyes. We considered the tools we could use and the shapes we could create. Once finished, we added a eye gem. 


The clay eyes are now drying, and we look forward to painting them next week. 

National Fitness Day - 22.9.21

Year 1 started National Fitness Day by discussing what fitness means to them. We discussed the sports we like to take part in and why it is important to keep fit. Next, we drew pictures of what we had discussed. Finally, we went outside to do some running races. We timed each other and recorded the results. Year 1 cheered each other on as they ran!

Music and Maths! - 13.9.21-17.9.21

Throughout the week year 1 worked very well on the challenges, particularly enjoying maths, where we looked at finding one more and one less of a given number. 


On Friday, year 1 enjoyed listening to a variety of music. We know that music is important for our mental wellbeing and so we discussed how the song made us feel. Once we had chosen our favourite song, we each drew a picture that expressed how it made us feel. 

A fantastic first week! - 6.9.21-10.9.21

1ZF and 1LM have had a great first week in year 1. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom and enjoyed being back with our friends. We are very excited for the year ahead and have already started completing some of our challenges. 

Miss Forster and Mr McLaughlin are already very impressed with the work both classes have completed! Well done year 1.