Year One

Our P.E. day has now changed to a Tuesday.  Please send your child into school wearing their P.E. kit every Tuesday.

Welcome to Year One


Our Year One Team: Mrs Martin, Miss Forster, Mrs Lendrum and Miss Pinkerton

Key Information

  • For the remainder of the school year we will continue to use the ebook system for reading.  You should have received log in details for your child during the lockdown period.  Please support your child to access and read the ebook that they have been allocated.  School staff can track their reading and will allocate new reading books when appropriate.
  • Please ensure your child brings their book bag and tricky word pot to school every day.  We will use these for important word and spelling practise.
  • Children should come to school dressed in their PE kits every Tuesday (Please remove earrings at home on P.E. days).
  • 1KM and 1ZF do Forest School with Mrs Martin on alternate Fridays.  Please send your children into school dressed in suitable clothing on their Forest School day with a bag of spare clothes. Please remove all earrings.


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Please click on the link below to view the timetable for Year One:

Year 1 Timetable

Yearly Overview

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Summer 1 Curriculum Leaflet

The document below gives an overview of the learning that will take place in Year 1 this half term.

Spring 2: Back at school!

We are all so incredibly proud of how hard Year 1 worked through the duration of the home learning - attending the live lessons and completing the work set on the website each day.

On Monday 8th March Year 1 returned back to school and since then they have been enjoying being back with their friends. Have a look below to see what we have been up too:

PE in the sun- 22.3.21

This term Year 1 have been using a variety of equipment to practice our basic skills. This included our balance, co-ordination and throwing and catching. We used bats and balls of different shapes and sizes, hula hoops, skipping ropes, frisbees and much more! We used these resources in games too, including musical hoops and a special edition of jumping rock, paper, scissors.

Roll Up, Roll Up - Come and see our amazing puppet circus! - 16.3.21

As we came to the end of our topic 'The Greatest Show'. we enjoyed making our own puppets and used them to create puppet shows. We have been learning about what a circus is and who might be involved, the history of the circus and also wrote about who we would be if we joined the circus, based on the book 'If I ran the circus' by Dr Seuss.

Red Nose Day - 19.3.21

For Red Nose Day we wore red or dressed up as a superhero. We started with a 'nose and spoon' race, which was tricky as it was a very windy day. Then we created and decorated our own red nose which we used in our super picture booth frame - made by our vey own Miss Pinkerton.

Fabulous Forest School Fun - 12.3.21

This week is National Science Week and we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We focused on UK wildlife and discussed the wildlife we might see around us, what they need to survive and what kind of habitat they live in. After comparing animals and sorting on them on Venn and Carroll diagrams, we then finished the week out at Forest School and created a home and habitat for an animal that may live out there. 


We had to think about the natural resources we could use, how we would join them together, how we could make it stable and any other features we thought may be useful! One of the hedgehog homes we created even had a living room, bathroom (with an added shower) and a kitchen.

Our first day back: 8.3.21

Year 1 had a fantastic first day back at school. We enjoyed making feeling biscuits which involved decorating them to show how we were feeling about being back at school. We also had lots of time outside and played games with our friends.

Autumn 2: November - December

Year 1 Christmas Party - 17.12.20

Despite the party not being carried out in the normal way, we all came to school in our party outfits and celebrated Christmas and the end of term in our class bubbles. We had lots of fun playing games with our friends, such as 'Stick the Carrot on the Snowman' and pass the parcel. We finished the day with some lovely party food too. 

London Landmark Junk Modelling 16.12.20

To finish our topic 'All around the UK', we decided to put our recycling rubbish to good use and made London landmarks. We created the London Eye, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace. We thought about how we could use the resources we had and began to build. Whilst we were building, we had to think about how we could make our structures more stable so they did not fall apart. Once we had finished, we added some colour by painting them and adding features such as the clock face or windows.

Christmas Movie Afternoon 14.12.20

After working hard this term, we started our final week with a movie afternoon. In Year 1, we watched the animated version of The Grinch with a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

A royal look back in time 7.12.20-11.12.20

Our topic this term is 'All around the UK' and within this we have been learning about the Queen. This week, as part of our history topic we have been ordering pictures chronologically on a timeline, looking at and discussing important events from her life. This included the day the Queen married Prince Phillip, her Coronation Day, her Diamond Jubilee and others.


We also wrote reports about the Queen, her family and where she lives. 

A surprise visit from Santa Claus 4.12.20

 On a rainy, cold morning Year 1 set out to Forest School. Into the Forest School classroom we went but today it looked a little bit different. There were Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling and music playing. To our surprise sat inside was Santa Claus himself. We took it in turns to tell him what we were hoping for, for Christmas and he told us about the North Pole and his reindeers.


We wondered how Santa Claus had got here... that would be a long way to travel! Then when we went outside, there was one of his reindeers. What a wonderful surprise.

Eddie and Frosty the Kindness Elves arrive  1.12.20

Over the weekend, two very special visitors made their way to our classes. Hidden in our classrooms on Monday morning were two elves but these are not naughty elves, instead they are kind. They have came to visit and will make their journey back home to the North Pole when school finishes for the term ready to help Santa Claus with any final Christmas preparations.


Whilst they are here, each day they are setting us a kindness challenge to complete. Some of our challenges have been sharing with a friend, giving our friend's a compliment and smiling at least once to everyone in our class.



We are very excited for him to visit and look forward to finding him each morning!

Excellent Exercise! 30.11.20-4.12.20

This term in PE Year 1 are looking at throwing and catching.


Today we practiced both our throwing and catching by throwing a beanbag up towards the sky and then catching it with both hands. It was important to follow the beanbag as it went up and down, as this would make it easier for us to catch it. Our aim for the next activity was for us to use our throwing skills to throw a beanbag into a hoop from a distance. We used our underarm throw and aimed for the target.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 23.11.20-27.11.20

Now that December is less than a week away, Year 1 have started to make their Christmas decorations.


In 1ZF we decorated wooden slices by painting Santa and snowmen faces. We took our time to make sure we stayed within the lines and when they had dried we added twine so they could be hung on the Christmas tree.



In 1KM we created our baubles by adding lots of colourful tissue paper to a shape. These were then laminated to create a stained glass effect, so that we could hang them on the tree.

Firework Art Fun 02.11.20-06.11.20

This week Year 1 have enjoyed making firework pictures. We used chalk, pastels and paint to create our artwork. Our work was very colourful!


Autumn 1: September - October

Our last week of term 19.10.20-23.10.20

Year 1 have had a very busy week! We finished our 'Superhero' topic, completed challenges such as building tricky spider words and then had a spooktacular final day of term.


Year 1 have worked very hard this term.

Can you find a clue? 12.10.20

Year 1 have had a SUPER week continuing with our theme of Superheroes. On Monday we searched for clues hidden around the classroom that gave us some ideas on 'How to become a Superhero' which we used to write a report. Year 1 also had great fun exploring the challenges. We created Superhero masks, used magic pens to read real and nonsense words, explored Autumn things on our topic table and so much more.

How would you make a superhero cape? 2.10.20

Year 1 had a great time this week in science this week. We tested a variety of everyday materials including plastic, paper and cardboard to see which would be the best material for a superhero cape. We looked at whether the materials were heavy or light, strong or weak and waterproof or not. We particularly loved testing the materials with water and pipettes! We decided that plastic from a plastic pocket was the most suitable because it was waterproof, light and strong. The tissue paper was the least suitable because it was destroyed when we added water and it could be torn easily too.


Superhero Vegetables 29.9.20

This week year 1 have been creating their own Superheroes using a variety of different fruit and vegetable.  We will be writing about them later in the week.  Take a look at some of the fantastic creations below.

A Super Time With Supertato 25.9.20

This week Year 1 have been looking at the story of Supertato. They had great fun designing and making traps to catch the Evil Pea, retelling the story with our story spoons, finding the missing numbers the Evil Pea had hidden and so much more!

Forest School 18.9.20

1KM had their first forest school session of the new school year today.  It was lovely exploring the site in the sunshine.