Geography is a subject packed with excitement, with opportunities for hands on learning, which can help us better understand the world, its people, places and environments, and the interactions between them. 

At George Washington Primary School, Geography is taught in an engaging and inspiring way where children are able to develop their knowledge of the world around them. By using a cross-curricular approach and hooking children into their learning through motivating topics, we develop children’s curiosity and fascination. We aim to give pupils the knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and the ability to develop a growing knowledge of the world around them.


In EYFS, children form the foundations for later work in Geography. These early experiences include:exploring and investigating, drawing on their own personal experiences and observing closely using their


In KS1, children focus on their local area to understand and compare local history. They name and locate countries, continents and oceans and are able to describe geographical similarities and differences. Being exposed to maps, atlases and globes at a young age allows the foundation of skills to be built upon when entering KS2. 


As children progress into KS2, they will build upon these skills. Children learn about human and physical characteristics, time zones and apply geographical skills and knowledge in fieldwork experiences. At this stage their confidence grows in questioning knowledge of their world and important debates are discussed. We also make the best use of technology as it enthuses pupils and provides good opportunities for research.