At George Washington interventions take place throughout the day, across all year groups, for children of all abilities. These are bespoke to a small groups of pupils. Teachers design the intervention to challenge misconceptions, address children's targets and move learning forward. Children may access these interventions for a short burst of time, in some cases children may have interventions for more sustained periods of time. Interventions take place inside and outside of the classroom usually in small groups this ensures that children continue to make good progress in all areas.

As well as subject specific interventions we are able to offer  speech and language intervention for identified children which is delivered by a Speech and Language Therapist. We also offer nurturing intervention to targeted children which is delivered by our SEMH and Family Lead. At times children may benefit from intensive 1:1 intervention such as Every Child a Counter or Reading Recovery.


Year 2 Maths Intervention

Here at George Washington Primary School, we have an intensive Maths Intervention in Year 2. Mrs Heatlie works every day for half an hour with some children. The main focus is number work and reinforcing mathematical  links and classroom strategies. She works very closely with the Year 2 class teachers, setting targets and future work. This intervention has had incredible results in the past, with most children reaching expected levels for Maths at the end of Year 2. This intense programme gives the children both confidence and the basic skills they need to tackle future Maths work.


These photographs show children enjoying their sessions with Mrs Heatlie

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an accredited school-based literacy programme for the children aged five or six that enables the majority to reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks. It involves a short series of one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes every day with a specially trained teacher Mrs Parker. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next. The focus of each lesson is to comprehend messages in reading and construct messages in writing, learning how to attend to detail without losing focus on meaning. Children are supported by their parents or carers to read every night. The programme has excellent results and children make exceptional progress.

The children love coming the intervention pod and always work very hard. 


Success at Arithmetic

Success at Arithmetic is a Key Stage 2 intervention delivered by Teaching Assistants overseen by Miss Conner (Maths subject lead teacher). Success at Arithmetic accelerates children's learning and proficiency in Maths. It specifically targets their understanding of number and written calculation skills.