In Music, across the school, children work on three main areas:

  • They perform, listen to, review and evaluate music from different genres, styles and traditions, including learning about famous composers.
  • They learn to sing and use their voices, create music and have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.
  • They understand how music is created, learning about the different features that make up a piece of music.

In Key Stage 1, children start to sing songs, speak chants and rhymes.  They begin to play tuned and untuned musical instruments musically, listen to and discuss live and recorded music, and they begin to select different sounds to make their own music.

In Key Stage 2, children are taught to play and perform (using their voices or instruments) in different contexts, compose music for different purposes, use and understand musical notation and begin to develop an understanding of the history of music. 

Children sing every week in assemblies, and are taught songs for specific events through the year.  At Christmas and in the summer, children prepare performances in which they have to sing or play instruments.  Recently, we have put on performances of Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Annie Kids and The Lion King Kids.

All children have the opportunity to learn an instrument with their class during their time at school – led by specialist music teachers.  Children also have the opportunity to develop their learning with visiting instrumental tutors who deliver lessons in violin, guitar, clarinet, flute and saxophone.  Performances are given regularly to encourage children to perform their instruments in front of their peers and parents.

The school also runs a Key Stage 2 choir, which performs regularly at events in the local area.

The cast of The Wizard of Oz, Summer 2018
The cast of The Wizard of Oz, Summer 2018
The cast of Joseph, Summer 2014
The cast of Joseph, Summer 2014