The School Day

The school day begins at 8:50 for all children. At this time the bell will ring and children should line up in their designated place on the yard. The school day ends at 3:15 for all children in Years 1-6.  Reception's school day ends at 3:10.

Please visit the 'Year Zones' to find timetables for each year group.


Reception children don't have a designated playtime on the school yard, as they have continuous access to their very own outdoor area that is open for the majority of the school day.  Reception children go for their lunch at 11:45 and Reception staff eat with the children in our dining hall.  The afternoon session starts at 12:45.  Reception's school day ends at 3:10.  

Key Stage One

Children in Years One and Two have play time from 10:30 until 10:45 each day.  For Year One lunch time begins at 11:45 and the afternoon session starts at 12:45.  Children in Year Two have lunch from 12:00 and begin their afternoon session at 1:00.

Key Stage Two

Children in Years Three to Six have play time from 10:45 until 11:00 each day.  Year Three's lunch time begins at 12:15 and Years Four to Six begin their lunch at 12:30.  The afternoon session for Years Three to Six starts at 1:10.