Year 1

At the end of each year, we normally have our open afternoon where you can look at your child's work and talk to their teacher. We also ask for your feedback about your child's year at George Washington. We still want to hear your comments so we would appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes writing your comments in the survey below.

Hello year 1.

Here we are in our final week of the summer term.  We hope you are all looking forward to the summer break.  It has been a very strange few months and although it has been lovely to have lots of the year 1 children return to school over the last few weeks we are still really sad that we didn't get to have you all back to end year 1 in a more normal way.  It has been lovely to get to know you all during the time we did have together and I hope you are all leaving year 1 with lots of fun and special memories as we both are.  All of the staff in year 1 are super proud of you all and we know that you will all return to school in September ready for year 2.  We can't wait to see you all and we will pop into year 2 to say hello.

This weeks home learning tasks reflect some of the fun things we would normally be doing in school at this time of year in preparation for saying goodbye to year 1 and getting ready for year 2.  We know that Miss Lawson and Mrs Scott have asked you to send them some information about yourself and that they are really excited to start finding out more about you, so don't forget to complete the activity they set out in their letter sometime this week too.

We would also love to see any of the learning tasks that you complete this week but in particular it would be lovely if you could send us Wednesday's writing activity which is to write about your favourite memory from year 1 so that we can include it in our memory box.  Send it to 

We hope you all have a great summer.

Love from  

Mrs Martin, Miss Carpenter, Mrs Lendrum, Mrs Stubbs and Miss Davison

Here are just a few of our special memories from year 1




School Closure Weekly Activities

Week beginning 13.7.20

Click here for learning activities for week beginning 13.7.20

Click here for learning activities for week beginning 6.7.20

Click here for learning activities for week beginning 29.6.20








Choose a sound and you will be prompted to spell a word.  The sounds are easy to move around using the drag and drop sound cards. Each correct answer is rewarded with a funny animation. If you need help you can hear the word again or take a quick peek at how to correctly spell the word. 


Your job is to feed the hungry T-Rex by reading the silly questions and answering 'Yes' or 'No'.  



Choose a sound you need to practise. A Wordsearch will then be created with words of this sound!  


Choose a sound you want to use. Read the sentence on the screen three times then press the hide button. You now need to write that sentence down. You can then check your sentence by pressing the ‘check’ button. 


Can you help the Alphablocks find the missing letters in these words?  


In English this week we will be asking you to complete some writing activities all about yourself.  We will pass some of them on to your new teachers so that they can find out a little more about you and we will also be keeping some of them to go in our special year 1 memory box.



Spellings - Look at the school timetable above to see this weeks spelling words.  Play look, write cover to help you to learn them.  Then put each spelling word into a simple sentence about yourself and write it down in your workbook.


Tuesday's activity 

This term in English you have created lots of brainstorms about different stories and subjects.  Today we would like you to create one all about yourself.

You could include the things you like and the things you don't like.  Things you are good or not so good at.  Who you live with and what you look like.


See Mrs Martin's example of her brainstorm below.


Keep your brainstorm in a safe place as we will be using it later in the week.

Wednesday's activity 

It has been a very strange year for us all, so Mrs Martin and Miss Carpenter have decided to make a year 1 memory box at school.


We would love to know what your favourite memory of year 1 is.


Use the template below or just write down on a piece of paper what your favourite memory or memories of year 1 are.

Email them to us at so that we can print them off and put them into them memory box.

Thursday's activity

Over the next 2 days we would like you to write a letter to your new teacher Miss Lawson or Mrs Scott. 

Use your brainstorm from Tuesday’s writing activity and choose 5 things that you would like to include in your letter. 


See Mrs Martin’s example of a letter below to remind you of how we should begin. 


Try to impress your new teachers with neat handwriting, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and correct spellings. 


Write the opening of your letter today and include 3 things about yourself to share with your new teacher. 



Friday's activity

Today we would like you to write the final part of your letter, which must include that last 2 things about yourself that you would like to share with your new teacher. 


Remember to end your letter with ‘From’ 

You can email your letter in to us and we will pass in on to your new teacher 



This week we are looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We are all excellent at identifying 2D shapes, how many sides they have and how many vertices (corners) they have.




Today we are going to start looking at identifying 3D shapes.  


There is a PowerPoint below which will show you the 3D shapes we are looking at this week and how we can find them in everyday objects.  


Can you go on a 3D shape hunt around your house? See if you can find objects which are these shapes:  

  • Sphere 
  • Cube  
  • Cuboid  
  • Cylinder. 
 3D Shapes.pptxDownload
Showing 1-1 of 1



Now you should feel a little more confident in naming 3D shapes.  

Today we are going to assemble some nets to create our own 3D shapes!  


There is a range of templates of nets to make below. You can make one or even more if you are feeling adventurous 

Before you assemble it (with glue or Sellotape) you can colour it in! 

You may need the help of an adult as they can be a little tricky.  




We hope you enjoyed making your 3D net/nets yesterday!  

Today we are going to use some of the everyday objects you found on Monday or your nets to find the properties of these shapes.  


3D shapes have edges, faces and vertices (corners.) Please watch the video below which will explain this.  


Can you fill in the 3D properties worksheet below? 




In real life, 3D shapes don’t look exactly like the ones we have learnt about. One cylinder may be wider, taller or thinner than another cylinder. However, they are still both cylinders. Watch the PowerPoint below. The ‘shape squasher and stretcher machine’ will show you this!  


Play this game with your adult using some of the everyday 3D shapes you found:  


The adult needs to choose a 3D shape and half burry it. You may use a sand tray, submerge part of the shape in bubbly water or cover part of it with some material.  

Can you guess which 3D shape this is still even though you can only see part of it?  

 Recognising shapes in different orientations. .pptxDownload
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Today we would like to see if you can remember the different 2D and 3D shapes we have learnt this year and this week.  

This is a fun colouring activity to end your year 1 maths this year. You will find this below. 


Follow the different instructions to use the correct colour for the correct shape.  



Counting is very important to the development of children's maths skills.  Please try to practise counting as much as possible throughout the day.  You could use any everyday objects from around the house to help with this e.g. count the stairs as you walk up and down them, count plates, cups, spoons, jumps on a trampoline etc.

Please follow these links for interactive games to help develop counting skills.

Interactive Counting Game


Counting in 2s

Interactive Game


Counting in 5s

Interactive Game


Counting in 10s

Interactive Game


Monday- Science


At school and at home this year Science has been one of our favourite subjects in year 1. 

You have all always enjoyed taking part in experiments and investigations and have made some great progress. 


As a final treat we have added a link below that will take you through to some fun science experiments that you can do at home.  We have already tried the skittles experiment and the rain cloud in a jar but choose some of the other fun experiments to try now.


Fun science experiments


We would love to see some pictures of the ones you choose to complete.  Send them to  


Tuesday-  Art 


Make a self-portrait model or collage of yourself using anything suitable that you can find around your house. 

Be as adventurous and as creative as you can. 


You could use boxes, paint, coloured paper, wool, pasta, old wallpaper, old pieces of fabric, grass, twigs 


Look below for some ideas of what you could use. 


We would love to see a picture of what you have made, and we can pass it on to your new teacher. 

 Send a picture to the year 1 email address. 





Ask a grown up if you can download the free Scratch Jnr app to a tablet.  This is the same as the one that we use at school. 


Can you create your own simple animation using some of the skills you learnt in year 1? 


The work that you will do in maths this week about position will also help you to create your animation.





At school today we are going to be taking part in a socially distanced sports day. 


You can join in with us too! 


Set up a short track in you back garden or an open space near your house (with a grown up). 

Make it about 75 footsteps long if you can (this is good counting practise) 


Ask a grown up to time how long it takes you to get from one end of your track to the other. You could do there and back if you have limited space. 


  1. Running 
  2. Skipping 
  3. Jumping 
  4. Dribbling a football 


Choose your quickest time for each activity and email them to us at and we will add you to the class score board. 



Usually our final afternoon in school together would be spent having fun, playing games, dancing, watching movies and eating popcorn. 


We would like you to have a fun afternoon at home doing some of the things mentioned above and remembering all of your year 1 friends and the happy times we have had in year 1. 



Be Active

See below for some activities from Cosmic Kids.  You could also do the daily mile like we used to do at school.  Try running/walking around your garden or when out for some daily exercise.







Daily Activities


Try to do a selection of these activities every day.


  • Read/Share a book with someone else
  • Count forwards and backwards using numbers up to 100
  • Practise your phonics sounds and tricky words using the sheets given (see resources section below)
  • Practise writing a letter a day from the given handwriting sheet (see resources section below)
  • Do some indoor or outdoor exercise.
  • Play a phonics or number game from one of these useful websites:

      Phonics Play

      Top Marks


Hands On Learning Activities

-Number/Letter formation in a tray of flour, rice or sand

-Using play-dough to make letters and numbers (click here for playdough recipe)

-Make play-dough balls to match numbers up to 20

-Counting to 20 using any household objects (pasta, pennies, cotton wool balls, fruit, spoons etc)

-Make play-dough prints using objects from around the house.  Ask someone to guess the print.

-Finger painting

-Making gloop or slime

-Make 2d shapes with spaghetti sticks and playdough balls

-Draw zig-zag lines, waves and swirls on paper for your child to trace over and cut out.  This helps to improve pencil and fine motor control.