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Please find the home learning activities for year 4 below for the week commencing 12th July 2021


Live lessons will be at 11am on TEAMS.


Please contact us on - 


Thank you and take care,


Mr Knight, Mr Robb and Miss Garthwaite. 

Monday 12th July 



The Boy at the Back of the Class


1 – Watch the recorded teaching video
2 – Watch and read chapter 1 of The Boy at the Back of the Class
3 – Draw a table for 5 characters – see example
4 – Draw out key information about the characters – retrieval and inference





Join us at 11am on TEAMS.


Complete the pink, yellow or green fractions quiz.


Green Quiz


Yellow Quiz


Pink Quiz





As part of our Olympic themed work, we are learning about some of the Asian countries that are competing.


Use the online resources and PDF document to research specific information about India. 


Record the facts in your book. 



Practise the selection of words from this years spellings. 


Ask someone to test you on them.


Answers for Wednesday's and Thursday's maths. 

 Capacity word-problems - GYP answers.pdfDownload
 Maths for Wed 7th July - Mass word-problems answers.pdfDownload
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Friday 9th July 2021


You can email your English or maths work today - your choice.

English - Myth of Nian


1 - Watch the introduce to today's lesson.


2 - Read the text version of the myth.


3 - Watch the video for the Myth of Nian (only the first 2 minutes).


4 - Use the task sheet to write your own version of the story.


You just need to watch the first 2 minutes of the Youtube video. 

Maths ***Live Lesson*


Join the live lesson at 11am on TEAMS.


We are looking at solving word-problems involving length, mass and capacity.


Be careful with some of the questions, you will need to convert measurements before doing the calculations. 


I like the challenge questions on the 2nd page. 


Success Criteria:

*RUCSAC the word-problems.

Use the formal written methods of calculation:

  • Columns for addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Short division (bus-stop) for division.
  • Know how to convert mm, cm and m for length.
  • Know how to convert ml and l for capacity.
  • Know how to convert g and kg for mass.



Use one of the video tutorials to draw a dragon.


Remember to have a relaxed grip for sketching - I would be using a pencil for this.


Take your time - you can pause the video as often as you need.


You can email in your drawing. 

Soccer Social ***Live Lesson*


Join us on TEAMS at 2:30pm for another Soccer Social Special.


What are your predictions for the final?


How are you celebrating the occasion?

Thursday 8th July 2021

Maths  Recorded lesson


Capacity Word-Problems 


Watch the introductory video and complete the warm-up activities.


Complete the pink, yellow or green word-problems.


English ***Live Lesson***


Join the live lesson at 11am on Teams.


Narrative writing - The Chinese Zodiac.


Use the document below to support your writing.

Religious Education (RE)


Click on the link below to learn about the religions of China and the teachings of Confucius. He was a philosopher in ancient China who is still revered today for his moral teachings.


Once you've watched the video, complete the online quiz. 

Pick one of Confucius' famous sayings and use it in a poster. 

Pick one of these and design a poster to go with it. 
Confucius Quotes:
  1. It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.
  2. When anger rises, think of the consequences. 
  3. Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.
  4. Respect yourself and others will respect you.
  5. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.
  6. Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.
  7. The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.
  8. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.


Physical Education (PE)  ***Live Lesson***


Join us at 2pm on Teams for a Miss Garthwaite session.

Make sure you are dressed for exercise.

Wednesday 7th July 2021



1 - Watch the recorded introduction.


2 - Use the PDF document to answers the questions about the story.


3 - Use the links below to learn about the myth of the Chinese Zodiac. Watch the video and read the text version.





Word-Problems involving mass.


1 - Join Mr Robb on TEAMS at 11am for the introduction to today's lesson.


2 - Complete the pink, yellow or green questions in the PDF document.



Complete the pink, yellow or green task. 


Which strategy will you use to answer the questions? Will you read all of the text first then answer the questions? Or will you read the question then find the answer?

Pink reading task.

Yellow reading task.

Green reading task.

Soccer Social 2:30pm on TEAMS




Join us on TEAMS at 2:30pm to discuss tonight's match. How are you preparing for it? Are you wearing your England top? What is your prediction for the score? 



Tuesday 6th July 2021



1) Watch the video introduction.


2) Complete the green, yellow or pink questions in your home learning book. 



Live lesson at 11am on TEAMS. 


Make sure you have watched the video from yesterday's lesson and have notes.


Join Mr Robb for the introduction before writing your comparison. 


EMAIL - send us a copy of this work to the email address -

Topic - Geography


As part of our work about the Olympics in Tokyo (Japan), we are learning about some of the countries that will be competing there. We are focusing on China.

Read the information provided, or watch the video, before completing the quiz.  

Monday 5th July 2021


Today's work:


English - note-taking.

As part of our work about countries participating in the Olympics, watch the video of a typical school day in China and takes notes. 


Maths - Arithmetic

Complete the online activities for arithmetic and calculation strategies.


Topic - Olympic Mascot

Designing your own mascot.



1) Watch the video (click on the image below). 


2) Take notes about similarities and differences between a day at school in China compared to a day at GWPS.

How many days do they go to school?

How does their day start?

What lessons do they have?

What are their break times like? 



1) Use these activities, and any others on the free website to improve your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division work. Use mental strategies and pencil and paper methods.


2) Complete the arithmetic Kahoot Quiz (Green, Yellow or Pink) - remember to use your proper name.


Multiplication: you know how to use this APP.


All 4 operations (+, -, x and ÷):




Mathsframe website:


Topic - Olympics


1) Click on the link to watch the video and read about the inspiration for the Tokyo Olympic mascot.

What is the moto of the modern Olympics? 


2) Design your own mascot. You'll need to draw one and give a short description about them. 

What do they represent? 


Multiplication Tables Check


Keep practising your times-tables.


Challenge: Can you complete 15 questions for your target table with only 5 seconds per question?

Mental Wellbeing - Yoga


Relax and unwind. You've done a lot of writing this week.


Click on the image below before choosing your own yoga session to follow.