Year 5

Good morning year 5!

Please find below your work to complete today. Live lessons will commence today at 11:30am and your recorded video can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact

Thank you and take care,

Miss Walters x

Achiever of the Week

5GW- Emme Robson

5EA- Charley Falcon

 Thursday 15th July

Live maths/games session at 11:30 via teams

Requested work: You can email any piece of work today- your choice.


I am looking forward to having a lovely day together tomorrow in school!


Please complete the comprehension activity below.

Pink Comprehension

Yellow Comprehension

Green Comprehension

Maths/ Quiz:

Join the live session at 11:30 am

Please find the questions below.


Set yourself a 6-minute timer for your colour fluency questions. Afterwards, play on daily 10.

Afternoon activity: Fun with Font

Watch the recorded video below

Video: Click the image below for the youtube video.

Wednesday 14th July

Live scavenger hunt/maths fluency session at 11:30 via teams.

Requested work: English by 4 pm.

English: Writing a Letter to Reflect on my Year 5 Journey

English work to be emailed by 4 pm to

This is your opportunity to reflect on what a fantastic year we have had! I am looking forward to reading them all. 


Please watch the video below to help you.

Live maths/scavenger hunt session.


Join the live session at 11:30am

Please find the questions below.

Afternoon Activity:

Task 1: Transition task set by Miss Pierce for 5GW

                                                 Miss Walker for 5EA

Please go to the transition tab on the school webpage to watch your new teacher's video and listen to your set task.


Once complete email your task to: for your new teacher to receive. They are looking forward to it!



Task 2: Create a fitness fortune teller.

Watch the video below and create a fortune teller with the following exercise inside. Have a try of the fitness challenges and you may want to challenge a sibling or adult at home!


1)     10 star jumps 

2)    10 burpees

3)    10 sit ups

4)    high knees for one minute

5)    sprinting for one minute

6)    10 frog jumps

7)    Stand on one foot for one minute

8)    10 push ups

Tuesday 13th July

Live English lesson today at 11:30 via teams.

Requested work: Maths by 4 pm.

Maths: Logic Puzzle

Requested work to be sent to the year group email by 4 pm.


Please watch the correct colour recorded video below.

Pink, yellow and green logic puzzle can be located below.

Pink Video

Yellow Video

Green Video

English: Letter Plan

Live lesson at 11:30 am.

Afternoon Activity:

Summer Activity: Draw a summer scene. You may wish to draw a summer penguin based on the video below.


Transition to year 6

Come back for this after your live lesson ...

Monday 12th July

Live maths lesson today at 11:30 via teams.

Requested work: Maths by 4 pm.

Maths: Magic Square

Live lesson at 11:30.

Requested work to be emailed by 4 pm.


Please note: Each row, column and diagonal all add up to a given number. You can only use the numbers on the right once. The numbers highlighted you can't use again. Good luck! 

Afternoon Activities: Spellings and PE


Spelling Activity:

Take a look at this week's spelling list. You can choose to practise your words in any way that you would like.

Some ideas include rainbow words, spelling scribble, copying out multiple times or even creating a spelling character.


Choose one of the videos below. You can either complete a Joe Wicks PE lesson or a yoga session.

Good luck and Enjoy!

Friday 9th July

Live English lesson today at 11:30 am via teams.

Requested work: English by 4pm.


Optional- socialisation session at 2 pm via teams.


To celebrate England reaching the final of Euro 2020, children may want to join the teams call wearing red and white.

Maths: Ordering and Comparing Decimals

Watch the recorded video below. Questions and challenges can be located below.

Pink, Yellow and Green questions can be found below.

English: Finish Biography

Live lesson at 11:30 am with Miss Walters

Completed biography to be emailed to by 4pm.



Using your success criteria, plan and modelled examples, write the following paragraphs of your biography.

  • Family Life
  • Achievements
  • Legacy
  • Conclusion

Afternoon Activities:

Task 1: Visual Literacy. Use your inference skills that we have been focusing on this year to complete this task.


Task 2: Socialisation at 2pm with Miss Walters via Teams. This is an opportunity to see your friends, share any news or ask any questions that you may have.

Thursday 8th July

Live maths lesson today at 11:30am via teams

Requested work: maths by 4pm.

English-Usain Bolt Biography

Watch the recorded English video below. Remember to use your timeline from yesterday, plan and success criteria. Please feel free to pause the video to access the modelled examples.

Maths: Rounding decimals

Live lesson at 11:30am.

Requested piece of work to be emailed by 4pm


Please find questions and challenges below.

Afternoon tasks- Olympic Medal and Yoga

Olympic Medal

As Usain Bolt has won over 30 medals for his country, your task is to design a new Olympic medal.


You can choose whether you would like it to be for 1st,2nd or 3rd place or even for taking part!

Also, you can choose which event the medal can be for.


Your only requirement is that you must include the Olympic rings.


Take some time to relax and complete a yoga session.

Wednesday 7th July

Live English lesson today at 11:30am via teams.

Requested work: Maths by 4pm.

Maths: Olympic Maths

Watch the recorded video below.

Requested work to be emailed to the year 5 email address by 4pm.

Draw the following table into your book and complete the exercise with a timer.

Answer the 3 questions based on your table and email work across to 

English: Biography Plan

Live lesson at 11:30am via Teams.

Please watch the video below before the live lesson. Click on the image to access the link.

Geography: Jamaica

Complete the research task card.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

No live lesson today. Live lessons will commence tomorrow.


Create a spelling scene using your spelling words! remember to include all 10 words in your picture.

English: Comprehension on History of the Olympics.

Please find 3 levels of comprehension below. Self-mark once complete!

Pink Comprehension

Yellow Comprehension:

Green comprehension:

Maths: Arithmetic


Click on the image below to complete the activities.

Topic: Sally the Seagull. 

Please send a photograph of your completed bird to the year group email address.


As part of Marshall's window, you have all loved our class seagull, Sally. This would be the perfect opportunity to create one of your own!


Follow the pictures and instructions below step by step.


Step 1: Collect equipment found on the picture below (2 pieces of paper, scissors, pencil, tape or glue and orange pencil.

Step 2: Sketch your bird's body and 2 wings.

Step 3: Cut out your three pieces.

Step 4: Fold a small section on the top of your wings and then glue/tape to your body. Make sure it is in the centre.

Step 5: Repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Draw an eye and colour the bird's beak.


You have now created your own 'Sally the Seagull!' 

Previous Home Learning

Can you guess the GWPS 'Masked Readers'?

Each day this week, there will be a masked member of staff reading a story. Do you have the ability to guess who it is? If you think you are up for the challenge, head over to the World Book Day tab (under the 'Home Learning' section), to find out.


Friday 5th March 2021

Live Maths Lesson 

Requested Work: PE (Hockey) to be emailed by 4.30pm.


Complete the live author session at 10:30 with Jessie Cave. 

RE: The Servant King

Watch the video below. Your task is to choose one of the scenes from this video and draw it.


Once you have completed that task, please write an explanation for

'Why is Jesus referred to as The Servant King?'

Maths: 3D Shapes

Live lesson

PE: Hockey

Please watch Mrs Heatlie's video below and follow her instruction.

Thursday 4th March 2021


Live English Lesson -  11am start for children who would like to show off their book day costumes or for those who want to have a look at others costumes.


Requested Work: English, 'The Wolf's Story', to be emailed by 4.40pm.

World Book Day Reading Challenges

Watch the video below and complete the 4 scavenger hunt activities.

Challenge 1 - Little Red Riding Hood

Task 2 : The Wolf's Story 

You need to watch  or read this before today's live lesson.

Task 4: Listen and draw one of the characters from Cloudburst- A Jack Courtney Adventure.


Click the image below to take you to the correct link.

English: The Wolf's Story

Live Lesson at 11.30am


You need to watch 'The Wolf's Story' before this lesson. You can find this above in the 'World Book Day Reading Challenges' (Task 2). 

World Book Day: Masterclass with Sita Brahmachari


To complete this task you will need a square piece of paper (preferably blank), coloured pens or pencils and your best daydreaming imagination. Listen closely as Sita explains the task to you.

Enrichment: World Book Day Competition


For more information, click on the picture below.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Live Maths Lesson

Requested Work: Self Reflection  task to be emailed by 4:40pm.


Maths: Lines of Symmetry and Reflections

Live lesson.

Before the live lesson, play the game below.

Main Task:

Reflection: Self-Reflection


As we are coming to the end of the 'lockdown period', we would like you to spend some time reflecting upon the work you have completed. 


Take a look through your home learning book and complete the Reflection Form Quiz found on Teams. We request that you email a photo of your favourite piece of work to the year group email.

Enrichment: Live PE

Please join Mrs Heatlie on zoom for a live PE lesson. This will take place at 2:30pm. The link will be posted on Teams after your live session.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Live Maths Lesson

Requested Work: Maths Task to be emailed by 4:40pm.

English: Biography Plan

Maths: Quadrilaterals and Triangles

Live Lesson

Science: Jane Goodall


Please watch the video and read the information found below.


Who is Jane Goodall? What did she do? Why is she famous?


Enrichment: The Joy of Moving

Complete one of the Joy of Moving winter activities.  


Every time you play one of the games below, move along one space on the board by marking or colouring in that square (you can play each game as many times as you like). 

• If you land on a LOCATION square, play a game and then find the interesting fact about that location somewhere on the board! 

• If you land on a REFLECTION square, play a game and then answer the question under the same heading on the next page.

Monday 1st March 2021

Live English lesson

Requested work: Geography Task to be emailed by 4:30 pm

Maths: 2D Shapes

Watch the recorded video below. Once you have watched please complete the questions and challenges.


Live lesson.

Please complete the 'Task Card' after the live lesson.

Geography: North America

Complete the Research Task Card

Requested Work


Year 5/6 storytime via Zoom at 2:30 pm. A link will be provided for this session.