Year Four

Welcome to Year Four

Our Year Four Team: Mr Perry, Mr Robb and Miss McCready

Key Information

  • P.E. kits to be brought into school on: Wednesday (4GR and 4JP).
  • 4JP need their swimming kits in school every Tuesday and 4GR need their swimming kits in school every Friday. You can purchase swimming hats (£2.50) and goggles (£3.50) from Mr Hall. 
  • Please encourage your child to login and use their Times-Tables Rockstars accounts. 
  • Reading books will be changed once it has been read. Please listen to your child reading as often as possible and complete the home reading journal. 
  • Please send a bottle into school daily, water and not juice for the classroom.


Please click on the links below to view the timetables for Year Four:

4GR Timetable

4JP Timetable

Year Four Curriculum

Please click on the link below to view the curriculum overview for Year Four:

Year Four Overview


Useful Website to Support Multiplication Tables.

This website canbe used by the children in preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check in June 2020.

MathsFrame -

This Week's Spellings (9th March 2020): Words with 'gu...'.


guide     guidebook     guard     guardian     


guitar     guest     guess     guarantee


Play 'Noughts and Crosses' or '1 forward, 2 back' to make spelling interactive and fun. The children should know how to play these.

The Multiplication is Magic afternoon for 4GR was a great success. Thank you to all the family members who came along to support the children - it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.


Has anyone solved the murder mystery yet?

Science - Types of Circuit

We looked at different types of circuit and assessed the positive and negative of each type with suggestions for how they could be used.


The children had a fantastic time on Friday morning in the Judo session. 

Maths - Investigating Area

The children enjoyed working in teams to find the most efficient way to cover the area of their tables.

Science: Making Pressure Switches.

The children worked well in teams to design their own 'burglar alarm' using Tin foil as a pressure switch. 

Italian Food:

As part of our topic about Italy, we sampled a variety of Italian food. We discussed the similarities and difference between the food of Italy and the UK and why they might be different. Also, we talked about the importance of food hygiene. 

Urgent information required;

If you know anything about the 'strange intergalactic craft' that landed nearby, please inform your child. This will allow us to solve the puzzle of the alien object found beside the football pitch. Our CCTV camera caught this footage.

Science: Making Electrical Circuits to Test Conductors & Insulators. 

The children worked collaboratively to make circuits to test which materials were the best for conducting or insulating electricity. 

Year Four's Visit to Durham's Oriental Museum

The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting the museum to discover more interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. They impressed the museum's staff with their knowledge. 

The death ceremony was very popular with the children, especially Ammut - 'The Devourer'.

4GR Egyptian Artwork

We have been blending oil pastels for texture and depth of colour.

TT Rockstars

The children have really enjoyed using Times-Tables Rockstars. We will have regular Battles between different groups across the Key Stage.

Please encourage your child to use this on a regular basis to support their learning. 

Christmas Performance

All of the children in Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed their performance of a traditional Bulgarian tale, 'The Winter Witch'. 

English - Narrative Writing

Planning our stories inspired by 'The Firework-Makers Daughter'. A world of magic and dangerous journeys.